A Blog About Our Barn

This post is dedicated to my old barn, and I mean “old”.   Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how old, but I think my barn was built around 1905.   As you can see from the picture below, it wasn’t built like the barns of today.

My husband and I purchased his family farm in 1995 and shortly after we bought it, this picture was given to us.  How cool is this photo?  I believe there are 60 men in this picture. 

An Old Fashioned Barn Building, circa 1905

My husband’s great grandfather, Frank built the barn and we think that is him, hanging off the lower left side of the picture.  Amazing, isn’t it?  If only this barn could talk to us, imagine the stories it could tell.  

Shortly after we bought the farm in 1995, we saw the damage that the cattle were doing to the barn, so we made the decision to use it for winter storage instead of renting it out to our neighbors to raise their calves.   Especially after we began to see rats hanging out near it.  EEEeeeeek!!!!   So, “we” (meaning my husband) fixed it up,  cleaned up all the calf sh!t, patched up all the rat openings holes and we made triple the money in rent by using it for storage!!! Yay us!!  Plus, storing boats and campers caused absolutely no damage to the building… it was a win-win decision!!

Back in 1979 when I first started dating my husband, I remember the barn with a top floor full of hay, and calves occupying the lower half, not too impressive.   But over the years we have used the barn for many events, from barn dances to hosting the Multiple Sclerosis Tram for over 300 bikers on a cold and rainy day.  The exhausted bikers were relieved to find shelter in our warm, welcoming barn, it was unlike any of the other rest stops they had experienced during their trek.

Here are pictures of the barn over the years.  Note the style is your typical German structure and it’s considered a bank type barn because it’s built into the side of the bank.  A clever construction as it permits easy ground entry at multiple levels.

Getting ready to put on a new roof

And finally….

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