Matching Appliances

Yesterday my KitchenAid refrigerator was delivered and I LOVE IT!!   I went from a 22 cu ft white side-by-side to a 25 cu. ft. black french door, but I almost had to return it.  It was a tight squeeze, trimboards had to be removed, and there was barely an extra  centimeter to spare.  Ok, I’ll quit rambling.. here it is…  and wait, do you hear the gates of heaven opening, cuz I do! 🙂

I’m glad I took my sister Debbie’s advice and went with the black refrigerator because initially I had my heart set on stainless steel, thinking that as long as the stainless steel fridge had black sides, it would pull together the brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets with the black of the other appliances.  Well, went I went shopping for the fridge and looked at all the stainless steel options, everything had gray sides (I was told that’s what manufacturers are moving towards).  So, my decision was fairly easy to make, black! 

Here are a few pictures of my kitchen and the minor little transformations I’ve made during the past 12 years…  notice the different faucets, appliances and valances.

Added pendant lighting above the island.

So folks, that’s the kitchen, for now.   I’d be lying if I said I was done, because I do have intentions of adding a glass cabinet door to the upper cabinet to the right of the sink, my sister Jeanne suggested that I incorporate raindrop glass into it…  so stay tuned. 

Thanks for stopping by and please, I love hearing your comments, both constructive and complimentary. 🙂

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