Sunday’s Paint Project – A chain reaction to my kitchen project.

Ever notice how household projects can take on a chain-reaction? Well after painting my kitchen cabinets I realized that my barstools also needed to be painted, and while shopping for primer, I decided to paint my ugly green resin adirondack chairs.

Before painting my barstools they had a “western – cowboy” look to them, and the style of my kitchen demanded a fresh “cowboy meets cottage” look. I decided to go with black, a nice contrast to the off-white cabinets, right? Plus, I figured that black barstools would nicely complement the black appliances (new black fridge to be delivered this Friday – YAY!).

Here’s a before picture (notice the ugly – faded green adirondack?):

Next step… sanding (oh man, now THAT was a workout!).

And now onto the priming (this took longer than I anticipated)….

And while I was waiting for the primer to dry, I decided to spray paint my adirondack chairs using a bright fire engine red color  ( LOVE IT!)….

Don’t look too closely, I ran out of spray paint and I’ll need to give each another coat of paint.   Now back to the barstools, after an hour they were ready for the glossy black paint…

I think they turned out pretty nice. 🙂  I bet you can’t wait to see them in my kitchen?  I’ll let them dry for a few days and post those pictures later this week. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Paint Project – A chain reaction to my kitchen project.

  1. It is great how easy it is to transform pieces with spray paint! Thanks so much for sharing your project at our link party. Take care, Laura

  2. Love both the bar stools and the Adirondacks! Fabulous color choices!

    Thanks so much for sharing at our spray paint link party!



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