My White Kitchen… finally, well “almost completed”

Twenty years ago, I started a scrapbook full of magazine clippings of beautiful white kitchens.  You see, at that time my husband and I were looking at building a house, but then we decided to buy his parent’s farmhouse.  We are the 4th generation to own the 100 year old farmhouse, but along with that honor came plenty of elbow grease and a long labor of love.  Each year we take on one major task, the first year we built a garage, the second year we replaced all the windows and siding and slowly over the years remodeled one room each year.

Our most recent undertaking was to paint (finally) our kitchen cabinets.  Let me tell you, that it was considered pure blastphemy by my father-in-law and a few others to paint over solid oak custom cabinets.  But after many years of begging, b!tching and whining, it’s almost done.  My reasoning is this… first and foremost, it’s my house, what the previous owner did is their business, they made it theirs and I needed to make it feel like my kitchen and it never really did.  Over the years I wallpapered, then painted it yellow, then switched color palettes to a variety of beiges, but nothing ever satisified me because I didn’t have my white kitchen.  I also had twenty years worth of scrapbooks that transformed into Pinterest boards.  So, it wasn’t an overnight decision, it was a dream.


Well, the project began last Monday.  I washed down all of the cabinets with a deglosser (deadly strong stuff), followed by sanding, and more sanding… and a little more sanding.  Then came the priming… and man oh man, it felt like it was never going to end.  Thank goodness we have a sprayer that we purchased a few years ago for $100 (refurbished).  Being able to spray the cabinet doors and drawer fronts made our task SO MUCH easier and saved us days (not just hours) of painting!!!  After priming all the cabinet doors I caulked all the inside edges wherever there were grooves in the wood.  Trust me, you want to do this!!  Use a vinyl caulk that is paintable and sandable (is that a word?), and for God’s sake use a caulking gun or you’ll end up with carpel tunnel.  Why caulk?  Because you don’t want the paint to crack anytime in the future, plus it looks much more professional.  Alright, where was I?  Oh yes, I was caulking…  just do it, after a while I actually thought it was fun.  I know I must have a sick idea of ‘fun’.

The project is “almost done” because we still need to add crown molding to the ceiling above the cabinets.  You’ll see from the pictures that I painted the soffits just above the cabinets (not all the soffits) the same color as the cabinets in order to give it the illusion that the cabinets extended to the ceiling.  Eventually I want to add a subway tile back-splash and replace the countertops with Alaskan White granite.  Oh and one more thing I want to do (yeah right, just one?) is replace the white refrigerator with either black or stainless steel (I dont’ care if they don’t all match)  Any suggestions are welcome!

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2 Responses to My White Kitchen… finally, well “almost completed”

  1. Debbie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Yeah, you’re getting your black fridg. It’s going to look so awesome and pull it all together even more. Great idea on the bar stools. You are so extremely talented and inspiring to so many of us!!! Very proud to be able to call you my SISTER. Love you little sister!!! Debbie

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